Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brian's New Novel Now Available

Brian's new paranormal thriller, The Unearthed, is now available from Lyrical Press. If you haven't bought it already, you can get it here. This is Nick saying that it's awesome.

And Four Stories? We're still here. We've been working on some exciting new projects that we'll be announcing later this year. Plus, we've solved our technical difficulties and will be releasing The Lost Episodes of Four Stories soon. And by "Lost", I don't mean LOST the TV show, I mean that the episodes were lost somewhere on my computer. LOST the TV show won't be mentioned in those episodes.

Or WILL it?

Four Stories. Coming to an internet near you in 2009.


Brian O'Rourke said...


Thanks for the plug, pal. I appreciate it.

I'm interested to hear the Lost Episodes of Four Stories. They sound all the more intriguing, because they've been lost don't they?

Nathanael Green said...

Some new 4S would be sweet like meat! I can't wait.